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Rob Veal

Rob's Galleries
I'm a Redmond High School alumni that's been photographing youth sports since 9th grade using my grandfathers brand new 35mm Canon F1. In the early 90's I took a brief vacation from photography to work for a small, local software company. I quickly became fascinated with personal computers, witch allowed me to explore digital photography. Although I've never looked back, I'm fortunate to have learned the balance between time and available light to produce extraordinary visual images. When not shooting sports, I enjoy climbing and backpacking. Continuing to develop my wildlife and landscape photography skills. I'm a Canon fanatic that believes there are other camera's that produce wonderful images and that there is always a better photographers right next to me. This is what drives my passion for improvement. I lean something new everyday. Samples of my work can be found at my website: If you see me out in the field, please, stop and say hello. Rob Veal Team Sports Images
David Willoughby

David's Galleries
I am a local Bellingham photographer handling many types of photography. While I love to shoot everything from weddings to events, I really thrive photographing sporting events. I don't know about you, but for me there is not much that can beat the smell of fresh cut grass on a cool crisp fall Friday evening standing on the 50 with a camera!

I have been making photos since I was 17 years old, getting started at North Kitsap High School with a photography class. After graduation, I continued my new found love and turned my creative expression in to a college education. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Visual Communications: Graphic Arts and Photography in the spring of 1993. My final college project was an internship with the Bellingham Herald as a photographer.

I am pleased to continue developing photography and a photographers community with through out Northwestern Washington. If you have any photography or photo order questions, or to find out how to contribute your photographic passion to the WPANetwork please email me at

Thanks again for your time!

David :)

David Willoughby
Director of Photography
Adam Lu

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Hello, my name is Adam Lu. I have lived in the Greater Seattle area pretty much all my life. I went to Cleveland High School in Seattle, graduated from UW, and have worked for many great companies locally. Currently, I reside in Redmond.

I love photography, especially action photography. I got my first SLR camera, a Pentax, in middle school, shooting on film and developing pictures in the darkroom. I found it exciting to capture and create printed images. I got my first digital camera, an Olympus point and shoot in 1997 and loved the immediate result on the 1.2MB pixel image. 1.2MB never looked so good!

In 2017, I upgraded my camera and lens and started shooting more seriously, primarily at my daughters' competitive gymnastics meets and friends' children's club sports. Thanks to online education classes, youtube, and better equipment, I'm shooting higher quality pictures. There are still mountains to climb and infinite things to learn in photography and I'm loving it! Lastly, I hope you like the pictures.

Contact info:
Adrian Johnson

Adrian's Galleries
I have been on the sidelines since 2002 shooting for the Monroe Bearcats. Working with the Monroe Monitor I have endeavored to connect the community with the excitement of high school sports. I enjoy creating vibrant imagery. Every shoot is a unique challenge, with unique possibilities.

Adrian Johnson
Bob Huntzberger

Bob's Galleries
I am a local Eastside photographer who enjoys a wide range of photography. I shoot everything from senior portraits to weddings, however, sports photography is my passion. Nothing beats shooting baseball and football in the Pacific Northwest outdoors. I have been freezing time with my photos since high school. I took two photography courses and used sports photography for my senior project. After graduating, I attended the University of Washington where I continued to focus on my passion being involved with the Husky Herald. I graduated with a BA in Business Marketing in 2012 and currently work for a Digital Marketing company. I am thankful to serve your photography needs and continue working my craft through and Some of my work can also be viewed on my Instagram @huntzphotography ( Thank you, Bob Huntzberger
Clifford Crawford

Clifford's Galleries
My interest in photography started when I was eight after sneaking off with my mother Polaroid camera on few adventures (in the Kansas). Since that time my insatiable desire to learn more about photography has become a life long mission. I attended a community college trying to find any major using a camera so I studied Mass Communications.

I left the heart lands of Kansas and moved to Seattle (1980) eventually working in distribution for different companies. I attended Seattle Art Institute studying portraiture and event photography graduating 1995. Over the years I have shot weddings, senior pictures, sports and volunteered for non profit organizations such as the Special Olympics, YMCA and Youth In Focus.

Photography is an integral part of my life, I have met good people and I truly enjoy traveling down the path of adventure in an attempt to make the connection through my photography. In short I’m addicted to the story that can be told through an image.
Colleen Colley

Colleen's Galleries
I live in Redmond Washington, home of Microsoft and conveniently located next door to the wine capital of the Northwest, Woodinville. My main focus is action/sports photography but also shoot portraits, events, fine art and do graphic design. Sports have allowed me to capture the physical exertion and emotional range of players, teams, families and fans as well as the eye rolls of teenagers. One of my favorite models is my teen son, who has had a camera in his face since he was born. No animal within the range of my camera is safe from my Facebook page. I’m passionate about what I do. If I can’t get out and take pictures, I walk around my house with my camera in my hand just to get my photography fix. I have a lot of pictures of items on my desk because of that. I like to stay active by being on the water, in the mountains or on a beach, spending time with family and friends…usually with a camera nearby.

Please Contact me for your visual needs.

Thank you,
Colleen Colley
Curt Fuehr

Curt's Galleries
I'm a Seattle-area native who enjoys being behind the camera at almost any type of event that involves people doing what they love. With three children in competitive sports I often find myself on the sidelines using my passion to capture their passion.

I've been behind the camera since my high school days at Decatur High School in Federal Way. As a part-time pro I mostly shoot sports. However I really enjoy senior portrait sessions, corporate headshots and the occasional wedding. Recently (2014) I was the still photographer for a short film called “The Devil Walks in Salem”. That was a fun experience!

You can find all kinds of samples of my work here:

If you see me at an event make sure you say “Hi”.

Don Borin

Don's Galleries
I grew up in the Detroit area and attended the University of Michigan. I have always been drawn to photography, and in college I had a darkroom, where I developed film and printed black and white pictures. Many years and thousands of pictures later, I moved to Seattle got married, moved to Issaquah, and our three sons attended Issaquah High School (2003-2011). I took photos of them in wrestling and track, then expanded to volleyball, soccer, football … and eventually all of the sports at Issaquah, as well as other KingCo schools, tournaments, and beyond.

I started Stop Action Photography in 2009 (, and have 450,000+ photos by sport and by date, always taking photos of every individual on every team that I was able to. The energy and action both on and off the field is what I try and capture, and I love documenting the high school careers of these kids. I especially like following the younger siblings who, like mine, always want to outdo their older brother or sister, and usually do!

Now I am retired after 23 years at Boeing (data base administrator), and I can do whatever I want, which is continuing to take pictures of (mostly) high school athletes! When I’m not doing that, I enjoy volunteering in the community and travel (and photography) with my wife.

Glen Moffitt

Glen's Galleries
I'm a life-long native of the Northwest, spending my formative years in Southwestern Oregon. Following my service of four years in the Air Force, where I first dabbled in photography, I completed my degree at the University of Oregon. I've lived in the Seattle area for the last 30 years, the last nine years in Lake Stevens.

Photography has touched my family's history, my mother loved to photograph and authored several articles for the Portland Oregonian. I've been fascinated with computers since the early 1980's (my first was a TI-99A!), and have been fortunate to work in the IT industry for the last 15 years. The convergence of photography and computers revived my interest in the photographic arts.

I've been fortunate to continue my career at a local community bank, where I've been employed for the past 18 years. In between my regular job, other interests such as local volunteering (the Lake Stevens Food Bank), hiking and bicycling, I've been immersing myself in the development of my photographic skills. You can see some of my work at

I'm pleased to have the opportunity to enhance my photography skills with and hopefully provide the families of athletes some lasting memories.

Glen Moffitt
Dancing Rays Photography
Patrick Krohn

Patrick's Galleries
"A husband and father who finds enduring pleasure capturing memories and stories through the art of photography."

Like many, my interest in photography began young and has endured a lifetime. Appreciation of taking photos on family trips, at events and gatherings started as a teenager and was nurtured as a young adult with a simple Kodak Pocket Instamatic 110 film camera. Photography grew more important after meeting my beautiful wife and starting a family when photos were captured with a compact manual focus Olympus 35mm film camera, which filled multiple boxes with prints.

With a background in engineering, the transition to digital cameras was most exciting. This advancement opened up the opportunity to capture the fast pace of school, softball, baseball and car racing sports photography. Team pictures, action shots, team photo collages, prints and highlight videos for graduating seniors have become yearly memories for the players and their proud families.

Photography’s scope has most recently expanded in his life with professional courses that push creative and technical boundaries, but this is only the most recent piece supporting a lifelong passion of finding new and creative ways to capture enduring memories and stories.

With gratitude,
Patrick Krohn
Rick Edelman

Rick's Galleries
Photography has been a lifelong hobby and now that I’m retired, I am pursuing it much more seriously. As a freelance photographer, I’m interested in many types of genre – from weddings, portraits, travel, wildlife, to action and sports. My personal sports background includes youth baseball, football, golf and tennis. Some of these have continued to adulthood when I added biking, mountain climbing, aviation and skiing. Along the way, I’ve added being a parent and a grandparent to my skill list.

I use all Canon top end professional lenses and camera bodies including the 400 mm f2.8 prime, the 70 – 200 zoom and the new 1DX Mark II. I am experienced with the full range of youth, thru high school, university and professional sports which account for about two thirds of my work.

A significant body of work can be found at my website:
Ron Raport

Ron's Galleries
Fond memories are one of life’s treasures. Raising our kids in the Northshore area brought the joys of youth sports. But soon, youth sports turned into club and high school sports and we soon found ourselves without any good photos. The increasingly intense and skilled games, the ferocity, the drama and pure joy, all lost into time because the sports became too difficult to capture with our regular gear and knowledge. When our daughter started playing HS volleyball and our son started playing soccer under the lights of Pop Keeney we took the plunge and invested in truly capable camera gear. My learning curve began then, over 10 year ago, and I’ve been enjoying the challenge of sports photography ever since.

I’m a banker by trade and a photographer by passion. Landscapes, wildlife, flowers, senior portraits and events are all terrific subjects - I photograph them all. I’ve had multiple photos published by the Seattle Times and won Hawaii Magazine’s Annual Photo contest Grand Prize for my panorama of the Milky Way from atop Mount Haleakala.

But my pride and joy are a collection of 10 years’ of high school volleyball photos taken on behalf of the boosters program. Amazing moments, every year, every match. I’m pleased to join the group of photographers shooting high school sports for the WPA Network. I hope I can capture some special memories for you.

Thank you,

Ron Raport
Stephanie Ault Justus

My Galleries
My name is Stephanie Ault Justus. I moved to Bellevue, WA from the Midwest in 2006, and have four children in (or who have graduated from) the Bellevue School District. As an avid scrapbooker, I take pictures of all aspects of my kids’ lives, and when they started playing soccer in 2008, I quickly realized I needed to upgrade my camera equipment and learn how to successfully photograph sporting events. I have also dabbled in studio photos of my children, including my daughter’s senior pictures, but my main focus is sports photography. I have been the official photographer for the Bellevue High Girls Soccer Booster Club since 2014 and for the Bellevue High Boys Soccer Booster Club since 2019, as well as a photographer for Eastside FC since 2010. Starting in 2018, my pictures for Bellevue High football, girls soccer, boys soccer, and basketball regularly appear (print or online) in the Bellevue Reporter and other associated newspapers. I work hard to photograph every player on a team, as all team members are important, whether they play a full game or just a few minutes. I love taking pictures of student athletes, being able to photograph and memorialize “the moment” of a game, catching a key play or score.

Thank you,

Stephanie Ault Justus