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Postponed Events (3)
The following events were previously postponed and are awaiting a new play date.

Boys Basketball Issaquah Away 1/13/20
Boys Basketball Newport Away 1/18/20
Boys Swim North Creek Home 1/30/20
Postponed Events (3)
Missing Score (6)
The following events have been played, but no score has been reported.

Girls Wrestling Woodinville Home 1/7/20
Boys Wrestling Issaquah Home 1/23/20
Girls Wrestling Issaquah Home 1/23/20
Boys Wrestling Liberty Home 1/23/20
Girls Wrestling Liberty Home 1/23/20
Girls Basketball Mount Si Home 1/25/20
Missing Score (6)
Girls Basketball
Varsity North Creek Home Bothell 7:15 PM
JV North Creek Home Bothell 5:40 PM